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Fullstack professional

With 7+ years of experience, I've gained a solid grasp of core web technologies and SEO, UX, and performance principles. As a result, I became proficient in using modern JavaScript frameworks and in using Firebase as a backend for more complex projects.

Award-winning developer

I love putting my skills to the test, so I've participated in several hackathons. I've won a grand prize in three competitions - Twilio Hackathon 2019, Egghead VSCode hackathon 2020, and Hashnode Xmas hackathon 2020. Check out my projects for full stories.

Distinguished author

I'm a regular contributor and a guest author on well-known publications like Smashing Magazine and CSS-Tricks. I've also contributed articles to LogRocket and I've been recognized as a distinguished author on DEV in 2019 and 2020.

All personal projects

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“Adrian is a talented developer who really has a way of really connecting with his clients whilst maintaining professionality at all times. Although Adrian worked intermittently on our Zee & Co project, he always showed consideration and thought before completing any tasks, and always finished before the deadline was due. With fantastic communication and first-class understanding, I have no problem recommending Adrian and wish him the best of luck in the future.”

Joann Johnstone

Operations director at
Zee & Co Ltd
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“Adrian was an amazing part of the PWA Studio product at Magento/Adobe starting in 2018. As one of the early developers, he helped shape key PWA experiences around search, navigation and other areas that were important for the project and team (…) His attention to detail from both a design and technical perspective was widely known and respected as one of the top contributors. Beyond his work, he was always open to feedback and his positive attitude helped bring other contributors in the process. There will always be a place for him in the Magento/Adobe community.”

Eric Erway

Group product manager at
Adobe / Adobe Commerce
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“Adrian is one of the most complete frontend developer that I’ve been working with. When I say “complete”, that actually means that he is an expert on developing user interfaces together with the engineering part. Based on his knowledge, past experience and inner motivation to build something that is usable and accessible he will make sure that your product meets highest standards when it comes to the user experience.”

Danijel Vincijanovic

Technical team lead at
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“I work with Adrian for nearly 8 months now. Adrian really knows his job he makes sure to give his best in anything that he does which proves his passion for coding and his innovative thinking. He indeed is a very pleasant guy and it was always a pleasure working with him. He did an excellent job and I can highly recommend Adrian, both for his technical skills and his commitment!”

Bhumi Kalaria

Product Owner at
Uptodate Ventures GmbH
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“I’m so, so, so happy to have you writing for us, Adrian, you knowledge and passion and stubborness to get to the best techniques and understand things behind the scenes is incredible.

Would love to work even more often with you in the future — you are a Smashing star! ★”

Vitaly Friedman

Founder & Editor in Chief at
Smashing Magazine