Magic painter

This is an award-winning project created for Hashnode Christmas hackathon 2020. It was made in just a few days using React and Canvas API. This hackathon was an opportunity for me to play around with new browser features, so I decided to go with the Canvas API and create an awesome painting app with a stunning rainbow brush.

I remember when I was buying paint sets for school, I was impressed by the images on the boxes. They showed a beautiful painting and were basically communicating “You can paint this beautiful image with this set”. So I wanted to mimic that feeling with the splash screen.

App splash screen
App landing page

There are two tools that set apart this paint app from the others. First tool is a “Magic Brush” which paints a beautiful stream of every available color (with a fixed saturation and lightness) in a gradient. This allows users to create colorful brush strokes.

The second tool is the “Dynamic Width” tool which changes the paint tool brush radius from a minimum to a maximum value pixel by pixel, creating a beautiful flow of paint. When combined with the Magic Brush tool, it yields some astonishing results.

Magic brush with dynamic width functionality yields amazing art
Magic brush with dynamic width functionality yields amazing art

Other tools include:

My project was one of the 5 grand prize winner projects, picked out from 100 awesome project submissions. I was awarded an Amazon giftcard in $500 dollar value, which is great considering I’ve worked on it just a few days.