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4 years of experience in Frontend Development, Magento Development, Design and more.

eCommerce Development

I've been working on development and maintenance of multiple Magento and Magento 2 projects for the last 3 years ranging from small-scale websites to multi-store enterprise websites.

Static Website Development

I am profficient with using Jekyll for static website development, alongsite with Gatsby for React-powered static websites. I also focus on performance and frontend optimization to achieve high Lighthouse scores.

Frontend Development

I keep up with the latest trends in Frontend development and selectively use the proven and tested technologies to improve my workflow and deliver higher quality code and better performance.

React Development

I've created several small-scale web apps using React as part of personal projects. I'm also a code contributor for Magento PWA Studio, which is also built with React.

UX & FE Audits

I have experience in analyzing the websites from technical aspect and UX aspect. I am also proficient in writing detailed reports addressing critical issues and providing solution suggestions.


As a frontend developer, I am also profficient in web design. I use Adobe XD to create both page mockups and full designs. I also use user-monitor tools to detect bottlenecks and areas of improvement.

Public Speaking

I have attended several Meet Magento events and gave a presentation at Meet Magento 2018 Poland. I also gave presentations on several online demos for Magento Community Engineering Youtube Channel.

Project Management

I have experience in managing small-scale projects, team-leadership, soft skills, organizational skills, and customer relations. Maintaining great customer relations along with the code is key to any project's success!