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Slinky Frontend Toolbox

Slinky Frontend Toolbox
Platform: Gulp, Node
Type: Personal Project
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About The Project

Development frameworks and toolboxes cannot replace developer's knowledge, skills and experience. However, they can make the development process easier by automating tasks, and learning process better by ensuring that developer keeps up with best practices in code. With that in mind, I have created Slinky Frontend Toolbox - tool to automate JS and CSS compilation and minification, linting, and asset optimiziation.


I chose Gulp as a task runner for my Toolbox. My goals were to automate the following:

  • CSS compilation & minification
  • JS minification
  • CSS Linting
  • JS linting
  • Image minification
  • Font file handling

Initially SASS was used as CSS flavor, but it was later replaced with PostCSS due to the better approach, performance, extensibility and features.