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Recipe Magic

Recipe Magic
Platform: React, API
Type: Personal Project
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About The Project

I was looking for some interesting API-s to experiment with, and Edamam caught my attentionn. Edamam is a food recipe API which allows access to recipe database search, nutritional values, searching by ingredients, etc.


Taking all available features of Edamam API, I set out to create a simple app that will allow users to input ingredients and the API would return recipes that contain 1 or more ingredients from the list.

Users would also be able to preview the ingredients, nutritional values and some basic info like servings, preparation time, etc. Due to the API's policy, API doesn't contain the recipe itself (preparation steps and guide), but returns a link to the source article (an external website) where users can read the full recipe with preparation steps.

App also puts a checkmark next to the ingredient user has added to the filter list, so user can see which extra ingredient is needed for the reicpe

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