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Magento PWA Studio

Magento PWA Studio
Platform: React, Magento 2
Type: Code Contribution
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About The Project

Magento announced Magento PWA Studio right around the time I started learning React. Magento PWA Studio is a set of tools which simplifies the development process of React-powered theme for Magento 2. After getting familiar with it and developing a showcase theme using PWA Studio which I presented to the key people in Magento PWA Studio team, I was encouraged to contribute to the project.


I was initally tasked to create search suggestion dropdown for Venia Theme, which is a showcase theme which comes with PWA Studio. Search suggestion dropdown would appear as user types in the search bar and it would display category and product suggestions. It uses GraphQL to fetch the category and product suggestions from Magento API.

While I was working on the feature, I was invited to do a demo of the feature for Magento Community Engineering YouTube channel. This was my first time doing a demo like this, it was fun.

After doing some additional work on the feature, UX improvements and final edits after code review done by Magento PWA Studio developers, Search Suggestion feature was merged and became part of the release.

Adrian Bece continues to make a big difference in PWA with the Magento community — we love working with him as he continues to push the limit on experience."
- Eric Erway (Project Manager at Magento)

I have also worked on reporting issues on GitHub, contributing bugfixes for some functionality and UX issues and I have attended weekly Magento PWA Studio community calls.

Search Suggestion Dropdown