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Platform: React, Firebase, Twilio
Type: Award-winning project
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About The Project

This is an award-winning project! I lead the team of five people and we developed this delightful app in about 3 weeks. This project was done for Twilio x DEV hackathon that ran from April 1st to May 1st 2020. Despite a tough worldwide competition and many impressive projects submitted, we've managed to win the grand prize.

Road to the hackathon

During the April of 2020, COVID-19 spread accross the world at the rapid pace. The COVID-19 tidalwave hit Croatia in February so we were working from home at the time.

I was always looking for projects and activities to do under the lockdown and when DEV announced the hackathon competition in collaboration with Twilio, I was hell-bent on doing it right away. Few of my colleagues from work got interested in the competition and we went with all guns blazing, working on the project after our regular office hours, sometimes long into the night.


We've decided to use our default dev stack that we regularly use at work alongside Twilio API which was required for the competition:

  • React with Typescript
  • Redux
  • Firebase
  • PostCSS
  • Twilio API

First, we needed to come up with an idea. With COVID-19 being relatively new and unknown in our community, we wanted to create an app that will make use of Twilio communications and bot API and be delightful and helpful to use. So we went with an app that motivates its users to have regular, healthy daily activities through gamification, help them keep track of their close contacts, and have a information bot.

If you are interested in full breakdown of features and development approach, you can read the full article here.

Grand prize winner

After 3 weeks of non-stop work on the Homebound app, we've submitted it a day or two before the deadline. A week after, the results came in, and we've won the grand prize.

HomeBound (COVID-19 Communications Winner)

The HomeBound project was developed by a team of 5 and aims to improve your life in self-isolation through a mix of functionality. It offers a gamified activity tracker to encourage you to stick to the activities and goals you set for yourself, and a chat bot powered by Programmable Chat and Twilio Autopilot to get answers to common questions. Finally, they added a voluntary close contact tracker. You can use it to keep track of when you saw people last, and reach out to them directly from within the app using Programmable SMS.
- Twilio Blog post
(Congratulations to the winners of the Twilio x DEV hackathon)

Twilio team also did a livestream where they showcased the winning projects and we were delighted to be featured. They talked about Homebound, the idea about it and what they liked about it the most.

Twilio asked me for an interview in their Twilio developers spotlight, so I was featured developer for a week.

Few weeks after, I've received a swag pack from Twilio which was part of the grand prize. Additionally, I was also invited to Twilio's SIGNAL conference which was held online in October 2020.

Twilio swag pack - charger, blanket and t-shirt