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Crawling Chaos

Crawling Chaos
Platform: CSS
Type: Code Contribution
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About The Project

Crawling Chaos is a Lovecraftian theme that I've contributed to Style Stage - a website that showcases the best and most creative frontend themes designed by the developer community.


I wanted to do a quick and creative project to stretch my frontend & design muscles and Style Stage was there at the perfect time and a perfect place. Style Stage allows anyone to contribute a theme for their site and that theme is then showcased and visitors can use it. Theme needs to be responsive and follow a11y guidelines.

So first I needed a design or an inspiration to follow. I was reading Lovecraft's tales at the time and they reminded me of an album by a rock super-group Dunsmuir. That album was also inspired by Lovecraftian horror and I always found the cover art beautiful.

Dunsmuir album cover art that inspired me

I've managed to implement the theme, make it responsive and follow a11y guidelines. I've sumitted the Pull Request and it was merged and deployed in the span of few hours. Stephanie Eckles, the creator of Style Stage was happy with my work.

Thanks for taking such care in abiding by the guidelines while still turning out a terrifically creative theme!
- Stephanie Eckles (Creator of and Style Stage)

And finally, here is the song by Dunsmuir that ultimately inspired me and became an inspiration for the theme name.