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Awesome SEO Snippets

Awesome SEO Snippets
Platform: Web, VSCode
Type: Award-winning project
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About The Project

This is an award-winning project! announced the VSCode snippet hackathon on September 22nd 2020 and it lasted until October 5th 2020. Hackathon challenge was to create useful code snippets for Visual Studio Code. Code snippets are templates that make it easier to enter repeating code patterns, such as loops or conditional-statements.

Few months have passed since I've won the Twilio Hackathon with the Homebound project, so I wanted to see if the lightning is going to strike twice. I wanted to have another win under by belt this year.


I started thinking which snippets would be the most useful. What is the backbone of most websites? It's, of course, SEO! During the time, I've been doing some SEO work and research, so I quickly came up with the concept.

I wanted to make a SEO snippet toolbox that can help developers with:

  • HTML head tags (HTML & React)
  • Social media, must-have meta tags, etc.
  • robots.txt quick setup
  • sitemap.xml quick setup
  • Google Schema (HTML & React)

Although I've finished the snippets in one day, I've took some extra time to outline a nice on GitHub and come up with the nice submission text. And after a few days of work, I've submitted the code and waited patiently for the results.

Results are in!

Winners were announced on October 9th and I was one of three lucky winners. I've won the grand prize in "Time Saver" category. I was over the moon that I was able to score another win that year. Egghead even gave me a nice shoutout on Twitter.

"Time to announce the winners for the VS Code Community Challenge! For the Time Saver category, Adrian Bece presented Awesome SEO. With these snippets, you can set up a basic working SEO markup in just a few minutes and fine-tune it to perfection afterwards."
- (on Twitter)
I've been awared a 3-month membership on service, and few weeks later I've received my Egghead swag that was part of the grand prize - 7 stickers, beanie hat and a really soft tshirt.
Awesome swag